This is not something that any small business should even consider.

Whether you start out or have been around for a while. You need to have an online presence. Here’s why online marketing for your business is more important than ever.

This doesn’t just apply to businesses that sell something online.

Fact is that many of your potential customers will actually ‘spy’ on you first to see if they can find something that might interest them or that they like about you. If they can’t find you online they’ll simply forget about you and probably engage with the business that they did actually find online that went through the effort of putting up a website or social page.

Some of the reasons that a small business is neglecting the fact that they have to be online is:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Too much work
  • Uninformed (or even misguided)
  • Never mind

It’s not a choice anymore but a must in order to grow your business.


The idea that it;s expensive to have an online presence is simply not true. In fact, it’s cheaper than the alternative of running a brick and mortar business and it’s way easier to reach more people and potential customers this way.

The price for the setup of a simple but efficient site and online presence will delight you when compared to the running cost of your brick and mortar business.


By simply spending a few minutes a day or even a week to update the relevant platforms you’re on will spread the message much faster, wider and efficient than by any other means.

By managing time efficiently many small business owners actually have more time available to get to the matter of growing their business than they previously had.

Too much work

Online marketing for your business does require initial work but once everything is set up all you have to do is update and share.

By putting in a little effort in the start you can actually save yourself a lot of time later the more people learn about you and your business.


Information is the new currency. The more you learn about the strategies & options regarding online marketing for your business the easier everything will become and the better your business will do.

Implementing the information that is available to you correctly will help you immensely.

Never mind

Some business owners might feel that online marketing is not necessary as the current way that things are done is working.

Online marketing has nothing to do with you or your business’ age but rather with your willingness to try something new and share your information with your customers or visitors. Your business is serving a specific need.

Why not show more people how you can help them?

If you want to know more, you consider getting a fresh online look for your business or you simply want to expand on your current state get in touch so we can help.