When it comes to running a business or making sense out of the things in life we all learn through experiences.

Often times we get stuck after making a mistake or not being able to (seemingly) figure something out.

Here is a very powerful 3 minute video with 15 simple life & business lessons that will get you to sit upright & feel inspired. You’re welcome to add to the list by just leaving a short comment below.

Share this with someone you care about. You only need to influence one person to make a difference.

The 15 life & business lessons:

  1. Start small
  2. Be open to learn
  3. Apply
  4. Look for opportunities
  5. Put your ideas to work
  6. Don’t quit
  7. Overcome your fears
  8. Learn from those with more experience
  9. Get to work
  10. Don’t quit
  11. Apply what works
  12. Scale your business
  13. Don’t quit
  14. Share your gifts with others
  15. Show & teach others

Would you like to add? Drop your thoughts below or just share this with your people.