As people’s time online increases so too does the online marketing opportunities for any business.

With the online world being so much part of our daily lives, the constant changes present businesses, app developers and content creators with a unique opportunity to continuously find new ways to market products and services.

Isn’t it about time then that you also jump in on this and get involved in the digital world? Maybe you already have but you feel you’re not utilising it fully?

Where do you start?

The big thorny question for anyone starting out on this journey is where to start. What strategies can you utilise that will maximise your effort, time and the resources spent so you can get the best return.

Before starting with anything along the lines of online ads, content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing or even opening an ecommerce store you have to have a strategy.

So utilise the online marketing opportunity, you need the following 3 things in place:

  • Online business strategy
  • Improve your Search Engine Rankings
  • Use analytics to improve your online performance

How To Benefit From Online Marketing

Having an online presence ensures you can be found when someone searches for a business like yours.

If a visitor searched for, let’s say, “photographer Cape Town” they might end up landing on your website because your site was listed in the search results. Once on your site they will be introduced to who you are, what you do and how you can solve their problem.

From the above you can now get an idea of the massive amount of opportunities in which your business can benefit from being online.

Now flip it around…

Your presence online and in the Search Engines’ results can also give you an insight into visitors. By analizing your visitors you’ll be able to determine:

  • What pages they visited
  • What actions they took on your site
  • How long they spent on certain pages
  • How many times the same person has returned to your website
  • What area/ country they’re from

The list just goes on.

You could now for instance start running ads that appear to specific people online in a certain area etc that are interested in the product or service you have on offer.

Massive opportunity to grow your business through utilising just one strategy.

When do you start?

With the amount of tools and technology out there right now, it’s easy to start and get things going and for most business’ out there it won’t be a problem to do this.

The difference though, between yourself and the competitor down the street, is in the plan you’ve put together (if you have at all).

Here’s what you have to consider when putting your plan together:

  1. Scope: Where will you start and where do you want to go? Will you make use of web, social media, mobile marketing, paid ads?
  2. Technology & Content: Will you do everything yourself or get in professionals in areas where you want to save time and focus on something else?
  3. Cost & Time: Set a budget and basic schedule and keep to it. Have clear goals of where you want to go and then you have to commit fully to make it work.

The question then is: With this online marketing opportunity lurking in front of you, what will you do/ are you currently doing for your business to reap the best results possible?

If you feel you need more information or help then please get in touch with us. We’d love to help you grow your business online. That’s what we do.